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How to Organize Kids Keepsakes!

If you have kids they’re likely either out of school or almost there.  Congrats on surviving another year.

Just a little problem.  What on earth do you do with that mountain of kids keepsakes??

The struggle of figuring out what to keep and how to organize your kid’s papers and projects is the 3rd leading cause of stress among married couples with young children.

I have no proof or official study to cite, but it feels just feels right.  So, obviously it is a problem, but what do you do about it?

Help!  Ways to Help Organize

Note:  I don’t always follow these rules.  OK, rarely. However they are all very doable. 

  • Schoolwork/Crafts. As you view items get a sense whether it would be something special to look back on in 1, 3, 5 or 10 years form now.
    •  Math, spelling, etc. homework – unless its the first and only A of an entire school year – can be pitched after you give out kudos.
    • A hand drawn family portrait from your child that never draws anything?  KEEP!
    • The poster size mural of your family that was probably colored in the last 3 minutes of class?  Do I have to answer this one?
    • Once you figure out what you want to keep, store them safely away somewhere in your home. Large crafts that were pretty neat can either be photographed and pitched… or given away to a grandparent. 🙂
  • Church Crafts. When kids take home crafts from Sunday School do the following:
    • Talk about the craft and ask questions about why they made it.
    • Study the scripture associated with the craft and discuss application.
    • Let them display in their own room for a few weeks if possible; longer if it is something functional (bookmark, door hanger, tithing bank, etc.)
    • After a few weeks, take a picture and toss.
  • Church Papers. Papers take up less space and sometimes you feel bad throwing away things that have scripture or pictures of Jesus on them.
    • Connect the dots, word searches, mazes and any other “non artistic” paper can be pitched after looking at it.
    • Journal or devotional style papers might be beneficial to keep as long as they’re put in some sort of folder or binder that is easily accessible.
    • Coloring pages.  You can throw away 90% of them. Unless it is fridge worthy or you want to save it to put in a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

For more tips on what to do with kid’s keepsakes, watch this great quick video from Parents.Com:

How do you keep the papers/crafts from taking over your home?

Crabgrass and Dandelions


Crabgrass – Photo from “Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide”

Do not let the name fool you. It isn’t really grass.  It is green, but that’s where the similarities end.

 Once this ugly weed takes root it spreads all over.  Once it spreads it starts to choke the healthy grass.  The roots run deep into the ground. You can pull it up, but unless you get to the root it will just keep coming back.
Our negative self-perceptions are a lot like this.  Our internal thoughts manifest themselves in a material way.  If our thoughts are ugly, we are ugly.  If we have self-deprecating thoughts, we depreciate our value as a human being.

Just like with the crabgrass we can try to just do a quick fix.  We can run from our thoughts by going on vacation, or cover them up with a smile. All the while the root of the problem remains.  

Remove the root and you remove the issue.  Just treating the surface will never do.

Sometimes the digging deep can hurt, but it is a necessary proccess to remove what lies deep beneath the surface.


Think back to your childhood. Did you ever blow on a dandelion and watch the little white things float through the air?  I loved doing that.
I don’t love it anymore. In fact, I cringe when I see our kids do it because I know that those “little white things” are seedlings. They may be tiny, but they can easily turn into a bigger problem. More dandelions.

Pretty soon you have an entire lawn of those yellow weed, flower wanna-be’s. It does not stop at just your lawn. It starts to spread to your neighbor’s lawn as well.

Deceit is much like this.  It all starts out innocent enough.  We tell a little “white lie”.  We float the lie out there and think that it is over, but it has just begun.

Pretty soon that lie forces us into another lie…. and another one.  Before we know it our lives are nothing, but one lie after another.  We can even trick ourselves into believing the lies.  We tell ourselves that we have a flower garden; when in fact we just have one giant weed bed.

The worst part is that it no longer just affects our lives, but everyone around us.

The next time you see a patch of crabgrass or a dandelion stop and think about your life.  Is there anything that you need to remove that is choking your spiritual life?  If so, take a moment to get to the root of the problem.  You’ll be glad you did.

Get to the root of the problem and your hard work will likely pay off… and for goodness sake please don’t blow on the dandelions!

What is Bob’s BLT?

KITCHENI think I know what you are thinking…

What is this site about? Bob’s BLT?

I thought about going a more professional route, but then I realized something.

I am not an entirely professional person.

That’s not to say I’m a slob or that I do not care.  On the contrary. I want to help you and the only way I can do that is by being me.

Goofy & awkward.

So, let’s get down to it.

Our lives… not an accident. We were created for a purpose.  What is your purpose?  Why are you here?

I cannot figure that out for you, but I can help.  I can also help you live a life that will be pleasing to the God who created you. The only one who knows your entire story.

In the coming weeks/months you will start to follow me through my personal journey.  You will also start to understand the importance of the FOUR Ls:

  • LIFE – Living life like every moment matters
  • LOVE – Building & maintaining strong relationships
  • LEAD – Leading others even when it is easier to be a follower
  • LEGACY – Influencing others to pick up where you leave off

Here is the secret ingredient to Bob’s BLT:

I don’t have this all figured out yet.

I am not an expert. I am just a guy. I want to live up to the life that God intended for me. I want that for you too.

I need your help.

What are some things you need help with? Would love to help you, or connect you with someone who can.