Monthly Archives: August 2015

Time Travelling Back to the Basics

I wish I knew how to get out of my own way.

Not in a “I used a time machine to see myself in the future, but future me was a jerk and blocked me from getting back into my time machine” way.  Oh, you weren’t thinking that?  Cool.  Me either.

I love thinking about time travel.  I do not think it is possible, but the thought intrigues me.  How would Bob from the past react to Bob from the future?  What would I say to convince myself that I am talking to myself? Would I give myself a tip to invest in Facebook and Apple?

Now, let’s fly this time machine back to today; at this very moment when you’re reading this blog post so I can get back on topic.

Welcome back!

So anyhow, I’m smack dab in my own way… when it comes to writing.  Everything seems to become more difficult the more I learn about the processes.

With blogs…

Did I choose the correct title that will drive the most traffic?
Is the writing compelling the reader to take an action?
What kind of picture will I include?
Is this a topic that interests a lot of people?
How will I be sending this to my email list?
How can I get people to share it?

The list goes on for several more lines and honestly, it is way overwhelming.  It waters down my writing completely (I write what I think I other people will like, not what I feel like I should be writing) and makes it boring.

With other writing…

I start/stop… start… and then put that story aside and start a new one. I have a “short story” that I started when I was in 2nd grade I still have not finished.  I was very passionate about alligators back then.  Now, meh.  I can live with or without them.

Even my book ideas tend to be generic and very niche.  I am thinking about what I think others are wanting to read about, not what I feel I should actually write.

If you’re still with me, thank you!  I’m really writing this for me, but maybe it applies to your situation too.  Or, maybe you’re a family member.

Writing makes me happy when I write what I want to write.  If that means I never make a dime off of it, and no one else likes it but me, so be it.  I’m going back to the time machine to bring back an old friend.

Welcome back, bobBLOG. 

p.s. Special thank-you to my wife for pushing me to do this. She knows that all of what I’ve been doing lately hasn’t made me happy;  it hasn’t been me. She is always honest and wants me to live up to my potential.  That is TRUE love.