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2016 U.S. Presidential Election – My Thoughts

  • This might go down in history as the most divisive Presidential election in United States history.
  • It also is the first time in my adult life I have ever seen such defense of the indefensible.  This is not specific to a side.
  • Both major candidates have serious issues and those who support them do so either with their nose pinched or ears plugged.  Is that what we have reduced ourselves to in this country? The lesser of two evils?
  • There is no place for hate in this process.  So much name calling and a lot of it is in the Christian community.   We’re to be a light, but right now the light is pretty dim.
  • Let me be clear. Voting is not an obligation, but a right.  If you are not educated on the candidates, you probably should not vote.  That might seem harsh, but this is a big deal.
  • You can always vote but leave the top of the ticket blank, or write in a candidate that aligns with your voting values.
  • If  you do perform this civil action of voting, be civil.
  • Do not tear down others because of how they’re voting, or judge every other aspect of their life. You have no clue why they vote the way they do if you’re not willing to hear them out.
  • Do  your best to not engage politically in any form of social media.  It NEVER ends well. How many people have you won over because of Facebook or Twitter.
  • Lastly, pray. We’ll all need it.


Things You Might Think, but Would (PROBABLY) Never Say

We all think things that we likely would never say in person… at least I hope not.

Stop smelling my food. You’re robbing me of the taste molecules (half the taste is in the smell!).

Get off the phone and finish your… “business”. So gross.

I like talking to you. I’d like you more if you were not a foot from my face.

I really don’t mind eating at McDonald’s.

Do you really want to know how I am doing? Or just making conversation?

Could you throw the rest of the chip bag away now that you’ve had your dirty hands in it?

Cannot wait for the Golden Girls marathon tonight!

I am going to pretend like I know what you said because I don’t want you to have to repeat yourself… for my sake.

Wow. That was a long story. What did I do to you?

Does the food taste better when you chew with your mouth open?

That was a terrific belch (or fart). Think of how good yours are when they aren’t rudely done in public!

I am only helping you today because I will need help moving in a month.

I hope you feel better…. so you don’t give that to me.

These are all in fun! 🙂 Any that you thought of that I didn’t put on here? Add it to the comments!