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Welcome to BobSpeakman.Com

Welcome to BobSpeakman.Com

For me its about finally taking MY road less traveled.

I have listened to others tell their stories of failure and redemption. I have seen others reach their full potential.  I have watched as someone finds their “dream” only to realize it did not make them happy.

It is time to start to tell you my story.  Ironically, this story is about you too.

Life is filled with mundane everyday choices.  What seems to matter so little today has impact in this world. You might not see it right away. You might not even see it at all; maybe it doesn’t impact your life, but the life of someone else.

Have you ever sat down and discussed the story of  your life with a loved one? 

If my wife and I had stayed in our apartment instead of moving into a small “mother in law” suite (both of us thought the other one wanted to live there to save money – we both hated it),  we would have never been motivated to buy a house.

We also may not have learned the valuable lesson on communicating to each other.  As my wife and I discussed our lives to this point, one item after another popped in our heads about what would have been different had we not made that initial decision to move into what we affectionately referred to as “the box”.

Same goes for our relationship.  We missed meeting each other multiple times, but finally did at a school dance – her school’s dance – that I went to with a friend.  The choice to go to the dance ultimately lead to my girlfriend breaking up with me.  At the dance I met her, I shook her hand and we danced.

We would eventually start dating, get married and have two wonderful kids.  All because of a decision to go to a dance that wasn’t at my school and was far from my comfort zone. One decision affected the course of our lives.

This includes small decisions in addition to the big ones.  Holding a door for someone and smiling as you say “hello” to them.  You may have turned a day around that otherwise could have ended tragically.

Choose to forgive someone instead of holding a grudge.  Work hard even when no one watches because your character depends on it.  Love someone even when they don’t show love back to you.

Everything happens for a reason. You are reading my words at this very moment for a reason that you might not know yet.  Maybe you’re hurt and need to know someone cares.  Maybe you need someone to pray for you.  Maybe you’re afraid to fail so you won’t chase your dream with everything you have.

Now is your time.  You cannot change your past.  You can reflect on it and see how your decisions affected you and others. You can, however, change your future.

The trajectory of your path to excellence can take a sharp turn upward today. 

The decisions you make today will affect you and others around you for many years to come.  Is that scary? It most definitely is. However, it should also be exhilarating.

You cannot do anything about the decisions you made leading up to this very moment, but your future is up for grabs.  Every decision matters. Every good choice paves a path to excellence. Every poor decision sets you back a few steps.

Make a decision today to build your legacy one choice at a time.  I’ll be praying for you as you do.  Would love to hear from you. Drop me a line in the comments if you need a prayer request or have a comment.