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All about relationships including friendships, marriages and children.

This series comes from the daily texts sent out by Hart Ramsey called “Uplift”. Last week he had a series of texts dealing with “Survival Mode”.  Each day I’ll post another text (in image form).  If you want to sign up for “Uplift”, text UPLIFT to 46786.day4

What is Bob’s BLT?

KITCHENI think I know what you are thinking…

What is this site about? Bob’s BLT?

I thought about going a more professional route, but then I realized something.

I am not an entirely professional person.

That’s not to say I’m a slob or that I do not care.  On the contrary. I want to help you and the only way I can do that is by being me.

Goofy & awkward.

So, let’s get down to it.

Our lives… not an accident. We were created for a purpose.  What is your purpose?  Why are you here?

I cannot figure that out for you, but I can help.  I can also help you live a life that will be pleasing to the God who created you. The only one who knows your entire story.

In the coming weeks/months you will start to follow me through my personal journey.  You will also start to understand the importance of the FOUR Ls:

  • LIFE – Living life like every moment matters
  • LOVE – Building & maintaining strong relationships
  • LEAD – Leading others even when it is easier to be a follower
  • LEGACY – Influencing others to pick up where you leave off

Here is the secret ingredient to Bob’s BLT:

I don’t have this all figured out yet.

I am not an expert. I am just a guy. I want to live up to the life that God intended for me. I want that for you too.

I need your help.

What are some things you need help with? Would love to help you, or connect you with someone who can.