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With Great Blessing

“Good Fortune”.  “Lucky streak”.  “Blessing from God”.

Many people use these three phrases interchangeably. The first two are more or less the same, but the third is very different.

Blessings from God come with absolutely no strings attached. However, they do come with great responsibility.

When our daughter came into our lives we experienced many different emotions. We realized on the first day we brought her home that she was our responsibility. No more folks coming to take her all night and feed her when she cries. No more pages to the nurse desk to bring things. We were on our own.

We felt both excited and scared (as any first time parents feel) as we fumbled through diaper changes, 2AM feedings, and screaming fits. Those days are long past us and we have come to learn that we still don’t know what we’re doing.

By the time we had our second child the fear lessened, but the responsibility only grew.   It has continued to grow with each passing year.

It is amazing to watch these two crazy kids develop their own personalities.  We realize there are many things we have control over for now, but not forever.

We don’t have to pump info into her head like a computer, but we do need to give her books to read, good TV programs to watch, and creative outlets to express herself.

Their minds are sponges.  We are responsible for making sure what they absorb makes them better people.  We have them for such a small period of time.  There will be a point in the future where our only influence we have on them is through the things we’ve taught and the examples we have given.

They will feel our love no matter where they go if we cover them in it while we still can.

Most importantly, they need to not only hear our profession of love and devotion to Jesus, but to see it in action. They need to see us praying, hear us read the Bible, and know that we will be going to church because we “want to”, not because we “have to” do it. We need to raise them to love God the way we love Him.

Children are amazing blessings and the greatest responsibility we will ever know.

The world is a scary place to raise a child. God help us. That’s not just a saying, but our prayer.

How to Organize Kids Keepsakes!

If you have kids they’re likely either out of school or almost there.  Congrats on surviving another year.

Just a little problem.  What on earth do you do with that mountain of kids keepsakes??

The struggle of figuring out what to keep and how to organize your kid’s papers and projects is the 3rd leading cause of stress among married couples with young children.

I have no proof or official study to cite, but it feels just feels right.  So, obviously it is a problem, but what do you do about it?

Help!  Ways to Help Organize

Note:  I don’t always follow these rules.  OK, rarely. However they are all very doable. 

  • Schoolwork/Crafts. As you view items get a sense whether it would be something special to look back on in 1, 3, 5 or 10 years form now.
    •  Math, spelling, etc. homework – unless its the first and only A of an entire school year – can be pitched after you give out kudos.
    • A hand drawn family portrait from your child that never draws anything?  KEEP!
    • The poster size mural of your family that was probably colored in the last 3 minutes of class?  Do I have to answer this one?
    • Once you figure out what you want to keep, store them safely away somewhere in your home. Large crafts that were pretty neat can either be photographed and pitched… or given away to a grandparent. 🙂
  • Church Crafts. When kids take home crafts from Sunday School do the following:
    • Talk about the craft and ask questions about why they made it.
    • Study the scripture associated with the craft and discuss application.
    • Let them display in their own room for a few weeks if possible; longer if it is something functional (bookmark, door hanger, tithing bank, etc.)
    • After a few weeks, take a picture and toss.
  • Church Papers. Papers take up less space and sometimes you feel bad throwing away things that have scripture or pictures of Jesus on them.
    • Connect the dots, word searches, mazes and any other “non artistic” paper can be pitched after looking at it.
    • Journal or devotional style papers might be beneficial to keep as long as they’re put in some sort of folder or binder that is easily accessible.
    • Coloring pages.  You can throw away 90% of them. Unless it is fridge worthy or you want to save it to put in a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

For more tips on what to do with kid’s keepsakes, watch this great quick video from Parents.Com:


How do you keep the papers/crafts from taking over your home?